Since the 1980's I've been making music, cartoons, comics, photos and video.Now I'm here to share it all with YOU and ONLY YOU.


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I'm an artist who makes music, rather than a trained musician. Nonetheless, new melodies and lyrics are constantly appearing in my head, from whence I know not where, but I like to do what I can to make these thoughts become reality. 


I started working with music in the early 1980's with my friend Devin Peel. We practiced on the stage of his huge two-story loft downtown, which looked much like something from Blade Runner, but the acoustics were magnificent. We recorded two studio albums, HELLO and PRIME TIME: Songs of Innocence and Experience. Both were on the then-standard format called cassette tape. CD pressing wasn't an option. The printing of the artwork had to be two-color because full-color printing with photos was outrageously expensive.

During this period I performed in two large-scale live shows featuring music from these two album. The first, H.A in Space (April, 1987) was produced in Kansas City, Missouri by Executive Producer Julie Broski, with choreography by C Louise J, five dancers, and two simultaneously running video tracks produced and edited by Scott Childers.

The second production was at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where I spent an entire year making and editing three simultaneous video backdrops for my one-man show. Even a one-man show requires the help of kind and generous friends, and what makes such projects fun is collaboration. It's a great gift to have people give their time like that, and that's what makes such projects special for me.

Eventually, along the way, I've tinkered with music on my own as the technology allowed, but my "career" started to revive when I began working with the Apple program GarageBand. Using loops rather than real musicians has given me freedom to explore musical sounds and ideas I'd never be able to achieve otherwise. As I continue to develop, I'm hoping to start adding real musicians and I'm looking for opportunities to perform live.



In addition, I'm a cartoonist, budding filmmaker, writer, editor of both text and screen, and of course Bon Vivant in Exile. I was educated at CalArts by legendary Disney artists and the inimical but effective Mr. Bill Moore. I sat with Ward Kimball at lunch after his visit to lecture, and I had no idea how important he was.

Later, in a short story writing class at The School of the Art Institute I was taught by and befriended David Sedaris. He wrote about the class in Me Talk Pretty One Day. I've never known anyone else who achieved such fame as David did, from being just a writing teacher. At his going-away party in Chicago, hosted by one of the ladies in the Plaster Casters, David exclaimed to the room that I was "a genius." Frankly, he was a little buzzed, but that was a great moment for me, and who am I to doubt him?

My work history has ranged from Playboy Magazine to illustration and design for Disney Consumer Products. The A Bug's Life logo has one of my contributions. I'm an amateur Disneyland historian, and can nearly recite dialog from every episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love LucyMary Poppins changed my life (I was 4). I have a massive collection of vintage Disney print media, mostly books and album covers.

I've illustrated six books for Nickelodeon (Blues Clues, CatDog), and a Leap Frog interactive-touch book. I did a number of editorial illustrations for All About You magazine, including the monthly horoscope icons.

My character concept, Cindy Big Hair (2005), became a published children's book, with author Annie Auerbach, from Piggy Toes Press. Walking into Barnes & Noble and finding a display of CBH, in a pyramid, was one of my proudest moments. Copies are available at Amazon.  

I'm also author and illustrator of Vaudeville, a comic strip that ran for four years in ION Arizona Magazine.

My one-person play KOKO! The Island Adventures of Miss Koko Neufchatel, directed by Scott Pearce, was produced in Phoenix and Los Angeles by Artists Theatre Project in 2005.

I'm co-founder and Creative Director of BW Entertainment, a gay, straight and bisexual adult-oriented web conglomerate. You can find more info at (NSFW)


My first few albums working in GarageBand were under the pseudonym GhostDogPlanet. HERE you can find two albums, artwork and a bit of humor.

I'm very proud of these albums, especially METROPOLIS. WAR OF THE WORLDS is the only "narrative" work I've done in instrumental fashion. Several other standouts are NETWERK and DEUS EX MACHINA.